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Debt Piling Up? Get Help Now

It can be hard to ask for help. But if you find yourself struggling to make payments on your credit cards, or you’re stressed and fed up with creditors calling—it’s time. You don’t have to be on a sinking ship to seek support financially. Whatever stage of financial crisis you’re in, making an appointment with a credit counselor is the first step toward regaining and moving toward financial health.

Here's how it works:

Book Your Credit Counseling Appointment

First, when you book an appointment either online or via phone, you can decide whether you want to meet in-person, in a video chat, or by phone—giving you options that align with your day-to-day life.

Go Over Your Budget

On the day of, you’ll want to be prepared with your current billing statements as well as provide a good overview of your monthly household expenses and your income. Your counselor will go over your budget with you and may identify areas where you can make changes. They can also help you revise your entire budget, or make one if you haven’t been following one, so that you can better manage your daily and monthly expenses.

Become Financially Literate

Your counselor is a gatekeeper of financial resources and serves as a guide to help you along the way by providing you with information on upcoming financial workshops and events, as well as literature for you to read. By deepening your understanding, you can help yourself become a better manager of your own financial future.

Help You Manage Your Debt

Depending on how much debt you have, your certified credit counselor may enroll you in a debt management program. With a debt management plan, you can ditch the creditor calls, and pay off your credit card debt in three to five years. creditors typically reduce interest rates and secure one monthly payment. Move forward with your finances and live a more confident and happier life with a debt management plan.

Benefits of Debt Management

One monthly payment | lower interest rates | no more debt collector calls | improved credit score

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